High North Project

About the project

The High North property is located immediately south of Seabridge Gold’s KSM property and is considered prospective for similar style copper-gold porphyry mineralization. A prominent thrust fault, the Sulphurets Fault, traverses the length of the KSM property and continues southward for another 5 kilometers onto the High North property. This fault is spatially related to all of the copper-gold deposits at KSM. The northern area of the High North property heading onto the KSM property is quite rugged, at high altitude and a large portion is covered by ice.

TUDOR GOLD Corp. can earn 100% of the High North property making $900,000 in payments over four years. The claims are subject to NSR royalties of 2%.


There are no known resources or reserves on the High North Project. In addition, the presence of gold/copper deposits on properties adjacent to or in close proximity to the High North property is not necessarily indicative of the gold/copper mineralization on the High North property.

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